Social Responsibility

Newborn babies‘ skin is extremely sensitive. For this reason, you should be very careful in choosing clothes to be worn on babies. Cotton fabrics made of natural fibers provide comfort to the baby’s body thanks to its lightness and softness. Natural fibers can easily adapt to the baby’s body movements, while they are asleep or active. It protects babies with sensitive skin from allergic problems. Also, when babies sweat, the clothes provide strong absorption. As a BEBESSI family we take this into consideration and we work for a healthy generation by producing 100% cotton fabric made from natural fibers in our newborn baby clothes.

Our AR-GE center is in the company and continues to work in research and development activities with the awareness that the important issue is health and quality.

BEBESSI follows the ever-evolving technology and innovations. By adapting these developments to the world, we emphasize innovation in all production processes and keep our dynamism on this track.