About Us

With the slogan “Smiling Faces to Life” in 2005 we went out with BEBESSİ registered trademark. With the awareness that our life means something to them, we are continuing our production with BEBESTI brand, 0-5 years old baby textile. With the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, we produce in 3000 m2 area with our expert staff. We manufacture all of our supply materials by carefully selecting them. Our company; Bursa serves mainly in Istanbul and other countries as well as in European countries, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Iran and Iraq. We continue with our institutionalization efforts to support new breakthroughs.

Our AR-GE center is in the company and continues to work in research and development activities with the awareness that the important issue is health and quality.

BEBESSİ follows the ever-evolving technology and innovations. By adapting these developments to the world, we emphasize innovation in all production processes and keep our dynamism on this track.